CACPE Loja have the best interest rates for Micro-credits.

The Micro-credit is mainly focused to finance small-scale production activities, sales, services, with year income of less than US$100,000.00 and whose main source for re-payment is the sales of products or any income generated by these activities.

  • Open the savings account and deposit the contribution certificate fee
  • Ecuador's identity card and voting document
  • Credit form filled with all the needed information
  • Proof of income (tax declaration, buy and sell invoices)
  • Maximum amount USD$30.000,00
  • Time limit 60 months
  • Payments can be: every month, every two months, every three months, every six months, every 12 months
  • All microcredit process will require the physical verification of the information provided by the Savings Account holder, and, if is needed, a visit to the house/property of the account holder, filling the needed documents required by CACPE Loja, in order to process the Micro-credit request.